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Need to Monitor Air Quality?
Now available, the cloud-connected EL-IOT-CO2 continuously monitors air quality and comfort levels, including temperature, humidity and CO2, a key indicator of adequate ventilation.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Giving you the real-time data you need to take informed action to improve air quality, EL-IOT-CO2 is perfect for a wide range of applications in public, educational, healthcare, commercial and industrial facilities.
  • Measures:
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Wi-Fi connected
  • Automatically uploads data to the EasyLog Cloud
  • Displays current, maximum and minimum readings
  • Status indicator and sounder
  • Set up real-time alarms and remote notifications by email or SMS
  • CO2 sensor automatically self-calibrates
  • Monitors temperature, humidity, and CO2
  • Automatically uploads data to the EasyLog Cloud
  • LCD display shows current, maximum and minimum readings
  • Customisable alarm limits
  • Typical battery life of six months or can be mains powered
              CO2 Measurement
              Range 0 to 40,000ppm
              Accuracy 400 to 2,000 ppm ±(50 ppm +5% of reading)
              Resolution 1ppm
              Auto-calibration Yes
              Units ppm

              Temperature Measurement
              Range -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
              Accuracy ±0.3°C (±0.54°F) typical
              Resolution 0.1°
              Units °C or °F

              Relative Humidity Measurement
              Range 0 to 100%RH
              Accuracy ±2% typical
              Resolution 0.1%
              Dew Point Accuracy* 1.5°C typical (40 to 100%RH)
              Data Logging Rate 10 seconds to 12 hours (user selectable)
              Transmission Interval 1 minute to 24 hours (user selectable)
              Internal Memory 300,000 readings
              Dimensions 97 x 87 x 33mm

              Operating Temperature
              Battery Power -18 to +55°C (0 to +131°F)
              USB Power -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F)
              Environmental Rating IP4X
              The EL-IOT-CO2 continuously monitors air quality and comfort levels, including CO2 , a key indicator of adequate ventilation.
              It automatically uploads data to the EasyLog Cloud, allowing your complete set of data measurements to be viewed, analysed and downloaded from any internet-enabled device.

              It takes only a few minutes to set up your EL-IOT-CO2, and you can configure your own high and low alarms for each measured parameter.
              If one of your set levels is breached an instant alarm is activated on the device, and notification options include email and SMS messages to your chosen contacts.

              The display shows current, maximum and minimum readings for carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity, as well as alarm and device status.

              The EL-IOT-CO2 runs from a USB power supply (supplied with the product) and can use AA batteries to provide a short-term backup if the power supply is interrupted.
              It is also provided with a wall mountable bracket for easy installation.
              CO2 CALIBRATION

              To maintain the accuracy of your EL-IOT-CO2, there are two calibration features on the device.

              Automatic self-calibration ensures the long-term stability without the need for any manual action from the user.
              This method of calibration assumes that the sensor is exposed to atmospheric CO2 concentrations of ~400ppm at least once per week.

              Manual recalibration can be carried out to restore the accuracy of the CO2 reading immediately; expose the device to fresh air by placing it outside or next to an open window. Press the CALIBRATE button to start the process and the display will change to show you it is under way.
              After a few minutes the process will finish and the display will resume showing the current readings.
              If there are any issues during the process, a warning screen will inform you.
              Ensure the supply of fresh air is adequate and try again.
              If your EL-IOT-CO2 ever needs you to carry out a manual calibration, it will prompt you to do so.
              Do you want reliable tools to predict motor quality and performance in development and production?
              Do you want to reduce scrap and increase process yield?
              This Omni functional vibration analyzer is capable of 80% of machine fault detection, including bearing damage, imbalance, shock pulse, and root cause analysis. Featuring full touch panel operation frees the hassle of complex function keys. Built-in the most comprehensive criteria for different machine types, from small to large, including motor, compressor, pump, turbine and gearbox, simplifies the settings in less than 3 steps. High-resolution display and powerful algorithm enable no dead angle in equipment status.
              Product Features:
              •   Detect 80% rotating mechanical faults on site, with no need for additional post-analysis SW.
              •   Auto bearing damage detection is compliant with ISO 20816, 10816, and 2372 norms.
              •   Auto imbalance detection is compliant with ISO 1940 norm.
              •   Innovative shock pulse identification outperforms conventional C.F. (Crest Factor)
              •   TWF display
              •   FFT with 10k lines resolution
              •   Machines and measurement points library designed for novice users
              •   Library of spectrum characteristic patterns for root cause analysis
              •   Full touch panel smooths user experience
              •   Analytics result in graphics and sharp color indications.
              •   Integrated with the most comprehensive ISO provisions to free complex machine settings.
              •   Up to 128 GB storage

              •   All-sector Rotating Machinery inspection
              •   Acceptance review for returning motors
              •   Precision maintenance
              •   Machine availability improvement
              •   Condition-based maintenance
              •   Predictive maintenance
              •   Nondestructive testing
              Erichsen GMBH innovates
              Cross hatch cutting 4.0 - A robot never gets tired
              Fully automatic version of the SCRATCH HARDNESS TESTER with a robotic arm!
              Automatic Scratch & Cross cut on curved surface!
              24 hours a day of automatic production control !

              Height Measuring Instrument  AHM-450C   &  AHM-600C

              Carmar Auto Height Measuring Instrument is a standing digital con-coordinate measuring machine based on precision machinery, modern sensor technique and
              electronic technology. lt is widely used in precision
              machinery, hardware, plastic, etc.
              lt can be used to measure the distance between two planes, depth of hale, groove wrdtb, and diameter, center distance, maximum and minimum value of hale and
              ln addition, when conhgured with electronic probe, it is possible to measure verticality
              Model                                                        AHM-450C                                               AHM-600C
              Effective measuring range            450 mm                                                       600 mm
              Max. measuring height (mm         770 (change probe's direction)     920 (change probe's direction)
              Resolution (μm)                                                                                    0.5
              Accuracy (μm)                                                                                  2+L/500                                                       
              Verticality of front (um)                    6                                                                       8
              (after e-probe is amended)
              Repeatability :                                                                     plane: 1.0μm. curve: 2.0μm           
              Speed recommended(mm/s)                                                          15                                                          
              Max. electrical speed(mm/s)                                                           25                                                         
              Max. Manual speed (mm/s)                                                             400                                                    
              Power supply                                                                   12V rechargeable battery pack
              Air supplyair pressure                                                       ≧0.4Mpa, flow≧30/min
              Temperature                                                                                       10-40°C
              Weight(kgs)                                                    36                                                               40
              Total height (mm)                                        900                                                            1050
              Carmar Auto Height Measuring Instrument

              can be used to measure :

              1. the distance between two planes,
              2. depth of hole,
              3. groove width, and diameter,
              4. center distance,
              5. maximum and minimum value of hole and groove.

              In addition, when configured with electronic probe, it is possible to measure verticality.

              1.  Outstanding accuracy performance, 2+L/500μm, Repeatability in plane: 1.0μm
              2.  One-touch functions allow multiple metrology measurements.
              3.  Pneumatic floatation in pedestal makes it easy to measure.
              4.  Granite Pneumatic floatation mechanical structure, high accuracy and small deformation at temperature difference.
              5.  Auto measuring- high efficiency, and high stability and reliability.
              6.  Verticality measuring is available for option.
              7.  Output data to RS232 allowed.
              Color and Gloss Unit SPEKTROMASTER 565

              Spectrophotometer, precise colour representation using numerical values, 45° geometry

              SPEKTROMASTER 565-D
              Colour and glossiness are what characterize the appearance of an object.
              Two samples of the same colour but with different glosses do not visually look the same: the glossy surface is perceived as darker and more saturated.
              Both of these effects must be well controlled in order to achieve a consistent appearance.
              In comparison with the colour meters from other suppliers, the SPEKTROMASTER measures colour and gloss at the same time!
              The reason for any deviation can be clearly determined in any situation.
              For color measurement, there have been two  different methods established, each specifically  preferred by the users due to the concerning desired  application:
              For measurements due to the allusion to a visually valued impression.
              Also for a lot of Automotive relevant applications as well as oftentimes for measurements within the final inspection.
              (Sphere acc. to Ullbricht) For color matching/ recipe matters, pigment testing, measure- ments of color alternation after weathering exposure.
              Generally also for reception control.
              The SPEKTROMASTER 565

              is available in two versions, each attached with one of the two  measuring geometries.  

              • Color : 45/0 or sphere  and 60° gloss are  displayed at the same time  
              • In compliance with international specifications  
              • Tolerances for color and gloss allow quick  pass/fail decisions in production
              Wireless Alert TP Temperature Alert System

              Wireless Alert TP is a battery-powered temperature sensor that sends a warning email if a user-set level is reached.  
              Simply select your temperature limits, add an email address and connect to any Wi-Fi network using the Wireless Alert mobile app.
              • -40°C to 125°C temperature probe with 1.5m cable
              • User-configurable high and low temperature limits
              • Sends email alerts and scheduled status reports
              • Flashing alert indicator
              • Wi-Fi connected
              • Simple to set up using the free mobile app
              • Two years' battery life (dependent upon usage scenario)
              • Batteries included
              • No ongoing subscription fees
              • Includes sticky pad for wall mounting
              • The sensor overall cable width Is 3.65mm, height is 1.65mm

              To control in a very economical way your fridges, freezers, warehouses, stores, offices, labs, buildings ...
              The Wireless Alert TP can be set up to monitor temperature  limits in a variety of applications.
              High and low temperature  limits are user-configurable between -40 and 125 °C.
              The device will trigger a notification email, sent to a  user-selected address, if the temperature limits are breached  and when the temperature returns to normal. I
              In addition to  this, the device can send a scheduled summary email detailing  minimum, maximum and average temperature, as well as  battery level, number of alerts, and total time spent in alert.


              • Temperature & Humidity
              • Door Contact
              • Leak Detection (monitors a surface for liquid)
              • Pipe Temperature Sensor
              • Contact Monitor
              Laboratory Precision Hand Held RTD Digital Thermometer DT-1 (-100°C to 270°C)

              Multifunction 0.01°C resolution temperature meter.
              High accuracy food laboratory digital thermometer DT-1 can be used in food industry, research institutions and laboratories to control and measure temperature over the range of -100°C to 270°C with 0.07 °C accuracy.
              Response time less than 5 sec.
              The device was made of ABS material.

              Water liquid catering digital thermometer DT-1 is as standard supplied with permanently attached ST01-1100 food penetration sharp-tipped probe 3.3x100mm with PT-1000 sensor and a one meter length curly cable.
              Probe easily lances semi-solid products such as fruits, vegetables and cheeses. The probe can also handle liquid and air measurements. Other probe size, length available on request.
              We manufactures customized probes for thermometer DT-1 on request.

              Pharmacy unversal resistance digital thermometer DT-1 features a easy to read display with max/min function, hold function and low battery indication.
              Battery included.

              General purpose thermometer DT-1 can be manufactured with any of temperature platinum probe from our offer.

              • measuring in °C
              • resolution 0.01°C
              • display minimal and maximal temperature
              • low battery indication
              • high accuracy
              • PT 1000 sensor
              • hold function
              • simple and fast control

              Sensor                                       platinum PT-1000
              Temperature range           -100 ° C to 270 ° C
              Operating temperature   0 ° C to 40 ° C
              Resolution                               0.01 ° C
              Accuracy                                   from -10 ° C to 100 ° C: - / + 0.07;
                                                                     from 101 ° C to 150 ° C :- / + 0.15
              Measuring probe                  standard diameter 3.3 mm, length 100 mm, other size on request
              Maximum and minimum temperature           YES
              Dimensions                             45 mm × 100 mm × 19 mm
              Protection                                IP65-electronics,
              Power                                          1x lithium battery 3.6V (1 / 2AA) included
              Cable length                              standard 1 m, other size on request
              Weight                                          85 g
              Operating temperature for cable and handle              100 ° C
              Hold function                            YES
              Available probes                      Other resistance probes suitable for DT-1  
              Probe coversensor's cover material:      acid-resistant steel SS 321
              Response time                           less than 5 seconds
              Low battery indication          YES
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