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Process & Quality Control

Qualicoat & quali steel coat

The QUALICOAT quality label is a product certification scheme .
The bases of the QUALICOAT building are the Specifications for a Quality Label for Liquid and Powder Organic Coatings on Aluminium for Architectural Applications

QUALISTEELCOAT is a quality label organisation committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of lacquering, painting and coating on steel. To determine whether or not a coating meets a customer’s requirements, the results need to be measurable against technical specifications. On behalf of customers who have products coated, QUALISTEELCOAT defines comprehensive quality requirements and monitors their compliance by licensed plants world-wide. Since 2006, as a result, purchasers of coated steel receive a premium-grade product delivering long-term value with good quality. QUALISTEELCOAT has been making consequently a great contribution to assuring the quality of steel.
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