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Erichsen Color and Gloss Unit SPEKTROMASTER 565-D

for simultaneous measurement of color (geometry d/8, aperture 11 mm) and gloss (geometry 60°, aperture 5 x 10 mm) in accordance with DIN, ISO and ASTM.

Purpose and Application
The overall appearance of a product is influenced by color and gloss. A sample of the same color but higher gloss level is visually perceived darker and more saturated than a low gloss sample. In order to get a uniform appearance, both attributes need to be controlled.
With the new SPEKTROMASTER you can measure any color: dark - brilliant - steep reflectance curves.
The 10 nm spectral resolution not only ensures highly precise color results, but also an excellent agreement with competitive color instruments - even bench-top units.
The Spectrometers of the very most other suppliers are only able to measure the color value.
In comparison with this, the SPEKTROMASTER 565 is able to measure color and gloss both simultaneously!
Thus, the cause of a mismatch can be clearly defined in any situation.

  • Color and 60° gloss are displayed at the same time
  • In compliance with international specifications
  • Tolerances for color and gloss allow quick pass/fail decisions in production

8°/d (Sphere acc. to Ullbricht)
For color matching/recipe matters, pigment testing, measurements of color alternation after weathering exposure.
Generally also for reception control.

Specifications 1

Spectral Range:          400-700 nm, 10 nm resolution
Repeatability:            0,01 ΔE*, 1 σ  (10 consecutive measurements on white)
Reproducibility:         0.2 ΔE*, 1 σ (average on 12 BCRA II tiles)
Color Systems:           CIELab/Ch;  Lab(h); XYZ; Yxy
Color Differences:   YIE313; YID1925; WIE313; CIE; Berger; Color strength; Opacity; Metamerism
Illuminants:                  A; C; D50; D55; D65; D75; F2; F6; F7; F8; F10; F11; UL30
Observer:                      2°; 10°

Gloss:                              0 - 100 GU
Repeatability:           ±0.2 GU
Reproducibility:       ±1.0 GU
Specifications 2

Memory:                1500 Standards;  999 Samples

color :                       geometry 8/d :  aperture 11 mm
gloss :                       geometry 60°, aperture 5 x 10 mm

Languages:            English; German; French; Italian;Spanish; Japanese;Chinese
Power Supply:    4 AA alkaline; NiCd or MH batteries
Operating Temperature:  10 °C - 42 °C
Humidity:              < 85% relative humidity, non-condensing / (35 °C)
Dimensions:         9.5 x 8 x 18 cm
Weight: (complete scope of supply) approx. 2.5 kg

    • ASTM D 523
    • ASTM D 2244
    • ASTM E 308
    • ASTM E 1164
    • ASTM D 2457
    • DIN 5033
    • DIN 67530
    • DIN 5036
    • DIN 6174
    • ISO 2813
    • ISO 7668
    • ISO 7724
Order number: 101-0287.01.31                               
The scope of supply includes:
  • black calibration standard,
  • white calibration standard with certificate,
  • green checking reference, high-gloss standard,
  • sample area locator,
  • software easy-link,
  • interface cable,
  • AA batteries (4 pcs.),
  • hand strap,
  • carrying case
  • and operating instructions.

Software easy-link
No matter whether you want to compare a batch to a defined standard or monitor process changes over time, easy-link, included with SPEKTROMASTER 565, offers all of the necessary tools (Hardware Requirements: Operating system Windows® 95 or higher Microsoft Excel® 97 or higher, including VBA - Visual Basic for Applications; Free Serial Interface).
Direct data transfer from the instrument into predefined QC templates make you ready for routine color control.
Ci6x Series Portable Spectrophotometers

Improving Color Management at Every Link of the Supply Chain
The Ci6x family of handheld spectrophotometers — Ci60, Ci62, Ci64  & Ci64UV is a performance-driven solution for managing color at any  stage of production, and gives manufacturers a whole new level of  confidence in their color data, regardless of where or when the  measurements are collected.
The Ci6x Series creates opportunities to develop a consistent color  monitoring program, efficiently manage process quality control, and  reduce operating costs.

  • Bluetooth (available in compliant countries only) allows wireless communication with other system components
  • USB communication with QC or QA systems
  • Remote measurement trigger for convenient measurements
  • Ergonomic overmold design provides smooth, comfortable grip
  • Calibrated UV (Ci64 UV only) enables increased accuracy with OBA samples
  • Embedded transform enabled to optimize agreement with legacy instruments
  • Common SP flip-back shoe that aids in sample presentation and techniques
  • Reliable detent lock
The Ci6x Series

The Ci6x Series is a complete color management package designed to provide end-users with the perfect
complement to a quality assurance, quality control, and process control operation.

A Color Management Advantage That Fits In the Palm Of Your Hand

  • Switchable apertures (Ci64) provide greater flexibility
  • Status LEDs give real-time visual feedback
  • Embedded NetProfiler monitors instrument and performance
  • Hi-Res color LCD is easy to see and read

Color is an area that is often overlooked in manufacturing.
Yet proper color measurement offers significant advantages to every industry — from paint and coatings, to textiles, to home furnishings.  
This happens by improving the color consistency of your products. By improving the color consistency, you exceed customer expectations while reducing waste and downtime, and increase process efficiency and profitability.
Having a sound color program begins with having the right tools to deliver accurate, consistent measurement. X-Rite has those tools.
The Ci6x family of handheld spectrophotometers is a performance-driven solution for managing color at any stage of production, and gives manufacturers a whole new level of confidence in their color data, regardless of where or when the measurements are collected.

A Cup and Cylinder Fixture that works with our Ci6x and eXact spectrophotometers to capture accurate and consistent color readings on cups and cylindrical-shaped samples.
A Versatile Package for a Wide Range of Color Applications
The Ci6x Series creates opportunities to develop a consistent color monitoring program, efficiently manage process quality control, and reduce operating costs.
The many options within the product family give operations of all sizes the ability to build in a stable measurement system that delivers repeatable performance and increased product yield.
This makes the Ci6x Series a reliable solution for a wide range of industries and applications:

Commercial Coatings.
The need to meet specific color codes and regulations requires repeatable color measurement.
The Ci6x Series provides the consistency demanded to ensure batch-to-batch color conformity.

Batch consistency—from raw material through finished product—often varies depending on material supplier and process conditions.
The Ci6x Series can monitor the color impact of shifts in process variables, while X-Rite application software storing color data that can be shared among the supply network to ensure color accuracy.

Whether OEM interior, aftermarket parts, or second- and third-tier supplier components, color accuracy is an absolute must.
The Ci6x system allows manufacturers at every level to achieve consistent readings.
The ability to simultaneously measure SCI/SCE further enhances the quality control process.

While materials and fabrics may appear similar at first glance, those that contain optical brightening agents (OBA) may result in a much different look under varied lighting conditions.
Available calibrated UV enhanced illumination controls the UV/visible balance, enabling long-term, consistent measurement of optically bright samples.

Home Furnishings.
Different materials—wood, paint, plastic, metal, fabric—and a wide variety of colors, make repeatable color conformance critical.
The Ci6x family is able to read a wide range of materials and provide a benchmark measurement that can be used at each step of the production or assembly process.
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