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Process & Quality Control

Aluminium Test Specimens

Laboratory Product > Test Specimens
Aviation quality
2024, 7075, 2014, 6061, plated / non-plated, further grades available upon request

Automotive quality

Various standard alloys
1050, 2017, 5005, 5754, 6082

Standard alloy
5005 anodized E6EV1

Various bar profiles
6060 bare and anodized E6EV1

Die-casting metals
Al10Mg, AlMgSi7, AlSi12Fe, AlSi9Cu3Fe

AZ91, AM50

The freedom of creativity

Are you aware of our finishing options for metal and  aluminum test specimens?
Chemical degreasing, deburring, grinding, turning,  milling, punching or blasting – no problem.  Upon request, test specimens can be customized  and labeled with serial numbers.
By the way: we can manufacture test specimens for the TABER-ABRASER from all kinds of metals.
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