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For industrial applications in coatings, plastics, cosmetics and more, accurate, consistent color is vital.
This can be difficult to accomplish for a variety of reasons.

First, for many materials being measured, a non-contact measurement instrument is required for accurate color evaluation and to prevent instrument contamination.
This applies to liquids, gels, powders and other materials that may be affected by direct contact with the instrument and/or may contaminate the instrument resulting in inaccurate measurements.

Second, many of these materials are complex and it can be difficult to exactly target the area to be measured while also taking into account the complexity of the material make-up.

In a “fixed geometry” or “single angle” device, the first number is the starting point of the light, and the second number is where the light ends up after the reflection off the surface of the sample.
In a 0:45 instrument, the light source is fixed at 0-degrees, and the detectors are set at 45-degrees.
In a 45:0, the light source is set at 45-degrees and the detectors are set directly overhead at 0-degrees.
A 0:45 is ideal for measuring color on smooth and matte surfaces, because it captures the reflection from a sample just as the human eye would see it.
While it is feasible to use it to measure some shiny or reflective surfaces, measuring a very reflective or mirror-like surface will result in no light being returned to the detector and the surface will be seen as black.


45°/0° non-contact benchtop spectrophotometer designed for color and gloss measurement on wet and dry samples including cosmetics, paints, and soil, as well as plastics, powders and other common samples.
Features an integrated gloss sensor for relative gloss measurements, and when used with iMatch formulation software, provides wet to dry correlation for improved QC and formulation throughput.

Product Features:

  • Ability to measure at a distance from the sample without contact
  • Line of Site™ visibility to the sample enabling technicians to quickly and easily position the sample for measurement
  • Active Visual Targeting™ that projects a prominent illuminated target ring onto the sample for precise  and accurate  measurements
  • Dual measurement spot sizes, 6mm (¼”) and 12mm (½”)
  • Integrated gloss sensor for gloss measurements
  • Versatile design improves measurement capabilities on odd shaped and bulky samples
  • Best-in-class color accuracy, repeatability and instrument agreement

Product Benefits:

  • Measuring the sample without contact permits technicians to easily measure a variety of samples such as cosmetics, wet paint, soil samples and other wet or powdered substrates that are normally difficult to measure with a contact based instrument
  • Easily and quickly switch measurement spot sizes with the click of a mouse, and without the need to recalibrate
  • The ability for gloss measurements on wet and dry samples

Instrument type: Spectrophotometer with gloss sensor
Geometry: 45/0° dual illumination
Illumination: Full spectrum LED
Spectral engine: True Dual beam, 31 channel
Spectral range: 400 – 700 nm
Spectral interval: 10nm measured, 10nm output
Measurement range: 0-150% reflectance
Calibration interval: once per week or temperature shift >14° C (self detected)
Measurement spot size: 6mm and 12mm
Measurement distance: 38mm nominal lens to measurement surface
Short term Repeatability:  6mm 0.035 dEab Maximum (white ceramic tile)
12mm 0.025 dEab Maximum (white ceramic tile)
Inter-instrument agreement:  6mm 0.15 avg. dEab (12 BCRA tiles)
12mm 0.15 avg. dEab (12 BCRA tiles)
Gloss Geometry:  45/0°, 60° Correlated
Gloss Repeatability:  0-10 GU, ± 0.2 GU
10-100 GU, ± 0.6 GU
Gloss Reproducibility:   5-92 GU
3.0 GU maximum, 1.5 GU average
Operating temp:  10° - 40°C
Humidity: 0-85% relative non-condensing
Operating voltage: 24v ± 2 VDC @ 1.2 A Max
Communication: USB 2.0
Storage: -20° – 70°C (4°F – 158°F)
Lamp life: >20 million flashes
Functional size: L: 9.75 in. (24.80 cm), W: 6.0 in. (15.24 cm), H: 5.57 in. (14.60 cm)
Functional weight: 4.931 lbs (2.24 kg)
Safety Compliance: UL 61010-1, CSA 22.2 No. 1010.1 and IEC (EN) 61010-1
Usage: Indoor Only
Altitude: 2000 m
Pollution Degree: 2
Overvoltage: Category II
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